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Apaches have been recognized in multiple treaties with the United States and Mexico. Our Attorney General, Goyónimo Redfeather, continues to research and collect these treaties to aid our cultural preservation efforts.

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The Working version of our Constitution was written by Charles "Chaz" Holloway and signed into effect by members at large in May of 2018 at the Libertopia event in San Diego, CA when Chief Runningwolf was publicly blessed by Apache Elders.


CAMN Nation is a collection of co-operative councils, the heart of which are the members at large. Nde have always been a highly decentralized culture of people and CAMN Nation strives to preserve this structure within our "government."

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Camn Logo transparent.png

Nation Building Projects

The members of CAMN Nation donate a lot of their personal time and energy to nation building, culture preservation, language preservation, etc.


We are currently working on re-opening our enrollment. Our first priority will be renewing and verifying the membership of existing CAMN Nation members. Once that process is complete and any outstanding card orders have been processed we will open enrollment to new members.

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Support CAMN Nation

The best way to support CAMN Nation is by supporting our tribe members directly through their businesses and other projects! Many of our members are self-employed we greatly appreciate you taking the time to peruse their business listings.

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