Confederation of Aboriginal and Métis Nde


We have no desire for a breach of peace with "recognized" Clans/Bands/Tribes/Nations or with any legacy nation states, we wish only to gather the unseen who move through life denied of their culture because they do not qualify for the arbitrary regulations imposed on us by conquering legacy states.

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Confederation of Aboriginal and Métis Nde is a collection of co-operative councils, the heart of which are the members at large. Nde have always been a highly decentralized culture of people and the Confederation strives to preserve this structure. Each Clan/Band/Tribe/Nation involved is left to govern themselves any way they choose. The only "governance" enacted by the Confederation is to facilitate cooperation between groups.

Cultural Preservation and Education

The Confederation plans to dedicate time and energy to developing resources to assist member groups with nation building, culture preservation, language preservation, etc. We are building a framework that any unrecognized Clans/Bands/Tribes/Nations will be able to access and utilize.

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Membership Identity Cards

Any groups who are accepted into the Confederation will have the option to offer beautifully designed ID cards to their members with their own logo and information.

Online Marketplace

Business owners and entrepreneurs who belong to groups within the Confederation are encouraged to submit a link to and logo for their business ventures to be added to our online marketplace. This allows us to easily trade with each other internally and promote each other externally thereby reducing economic leakage.


Utilizing Available Technology

CAMNde intends to make use of and assist its members with any and all technology that proves to facilitate the preservation of unity, culture, language, and commerce. We can and will embrace both the traditions of the past AND the utility of the future.

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